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Zoom everythingpersian:

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Zoom Love


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Zoom I would really love this

I would really love this

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I like my body when it is with your body.

— E.E. Cummings  (via timmy)

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Staying quiet doesn’t mean I’ve nothing to say. It means I don’t think you’re ready to hear my thoughts.

— Unknown (via nyu-tah)

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I wish there was a codeword for “you sprung that plan on me too last-minute and I didn’t have enough time to mentally prepare myself” because I feel kinda bad when someone spontaneously invites me to do something and I’m just like no no no no I need wARNING I have to have enough time to build up my social energy

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batman don’t love them hoes

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Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.

Stephen R. Covey

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This has got to be one of the best quotes that I’ve ever read..

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This is happening. #Coachella2014

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